The Gold in our Kitchens

Now as the norooz celebrations are reaching their end and reality has begun to catch up with us, some of us might already dread all that awaits us, be it work, stress, or simply having to go back to make (seemingly) fruitless endeavours. And naturally, as we continue to sail on the rocky lake of life, we all wish to somehow extend whatever moment of … More The Gold in our Kitchens

New Year Greetings

Now as the big day is getting near, and the bells of tomorrow are about to ring, the tingling sensation of hope’s presence here declares that winter soon will transform into spring. For weeks we chant and celebrate, in every way a person can and should: We give, receive and reciprocate – and occasionally knock on wood. … More New Year Greetings

Success-growth duality

A basic concept in physics is that of the wave-particle duality which, simply put, states that all quantic entities exhibit both wavelike and particle-like qualities. One of the  consequences of this duality is that an accurate measurement of the position of the entity in question would disturb the calculation of its momentum – and vice versa. There is … More Success-growth duality

Limbo of Opportunities

Winds of war are blowing all around us, spreading tragedy, fear and anxiety. At the moment we are in the eye of the storm, centred in a relatively calm region surrounded by a howling hurricane, albeit with our own problems. Inflation…unemployment…and that constant nagging feeling that we have to take the greatest of steps to reach the smallest … More Limbo of Opportunities

DNA of Grade “A” & Being Preoccupied with Occupation

There must be something special in our genes, because no matter where one would turn one’s head in the world, one would bump into a successful and/or gifted Iranian. And it truly is a wonderful thing that so many of us are so ambitious and talented, even if our opportunities for growth and prosperity now, in some ways, are rather slim. But is it a good … More DNA of Grade “A” & Being Preoccupied with Occupation