The Gold in our Kitchens

Now as the norooz celebrations are reaching their end and reality has begun to catch up with us, some of us might already dread all that awaits us, be it work, stress, or simply having to go back to make (seemingly) fruitless endeavours. And naturally, as we continue to sail on the rocky lake of life, we all wish to somehow extend whatever moment of … More The Gold in our Kitchens

Limbo of Opportunities

Winds of war are blowing all around us, spreading tragedy, fear and anxiety. At the moment we are in the eye of the storm, centred in a relatively calm region surrounded by a howling hurricane, albeit with our own problems. Inflation…unemployment…and that constant nagging feeling that we have to take the greatest of steps to reach the smallest … More Limbo of Opportunities

The Last to Leave

Trees can fall over, and their roots can rot. Oceans can dry out and animals can become extinct. People can run amok and flee, and bridges can break. But no matter what dies, and no matter what decides to leave, there is always this persistent and loyal phenomenon that stays long after the lights have gone out, … More The Last to Leave

Revisiting Mr. Omid

Fear, distress and anger can often get the best of us. And even though he’s pure and strong in every possible way, Mr. Omid is now in the same predicament. Ill and in terrible pain, he’s dying because of our neglect and fear. It hurts him to know that there are Iranians out there who feel … More Revisiting Mr. Omid

Hopes Я Us

Ah, Hopes Я Us – the one company of which we all have part ownership in Iran. Don’t mind the grammatically incorrect company name, because it’s right in so many other ways. And don’t mind that you’ve neither seen nor been to its headquarters, because it is, to say the least, pretty darn discrete. And the fact that other countries aren’t investing in it, … More Hopes Я Us

Rugs before Drugs

To all those clever and bright men out there who’re saying no to themselves but yes to drugs, please reconsider. You are our future. We know that everyone else does it, but you don’t have to. We know that you’re strong enough to handle it, but use your strength in other ways. We know you … More Rugs before Drugs