United as Outsiders

In the most befuddling and bewildering ways, I have since childhood felt like an outsider. Never truly feeling that I fit in – not even when I did; often feeling as if I belonged to a yet-to-be classified third culture and that my feelings of alienation were rooted in my idealistic and perhaps even anomalous personality. But I have long … More United as Outsiders

Giving Europe a permanent visa

Europe is filled with things that we associate with freedom, modernism, liberty, prosperity, and high standards of living – things we all admire, desire, long for, respect, or in some way are drawn to. But it also embraces ideals of same-sex relationships, racial equality, and respecting others’ life choices even if they go against our own values – things that many … More Giving Europe a permanent visa

Our fall into the dark pit of alcohol

It is almost as if all those young Iranians out there who associate alcohol with being free and happy already are drunk, because why else would they think that way? For a lot of people, alcohol is merely an escape from their lives, which is unfortunate, but yet  understandable. Those who should be pitied though, are the ones who drink just because … More Our fall into the dark pit of alcohol

From Iran, we run

Not just literally. And not just in our imagination. But also in another way, by abandoning the values on which our country was founded. And if it continues like this, Iran is very likely to diminish completely – even though it is (and probably always will be) the 18th largest country in the world. Those who now choose … More From Iran, we run

Are the ones who have left doing what’s right?

Many commercially successful, admired and respected people who’ve left Iran are still deemed as the honour of our country as they symbolise a time where Iran was prosperous,  flourishing and esteemed all around the world. And many of those who still are leaving quickly portray themselves in the same manner – teasing the fish in … More Are the ones who have left doing what’s right?

To go or not to go

  – that’s the question that that every young Iranian seems to be battling with. To either leave to wherever the horizon of possibilities is broader, or to remain among their loved ones on soil so barren that it gives the feeling that hope itself has emigrated elsewhere. In one way or another, all of us are eventually forced … More To go or not to go