New Year Greetings

Now as the big day is getting near, and the bells of tomorrow are about to ring,
the tingling sensation of hope’s presence here declares that winter soon will transform into spring.

For weeks we chant and celebrate, in every way a person can and should:
We give, receive and reciprocate – and occasionally knock on wood.

And if there is one thing I truly wish, it is that the joy has come to stay,
even after we have had our final dish, and the laughter has died away.

I hope that the fires over which we leap, will show us all the light,
and that our love of culture that runs oh so deep, will continue to us unite.

I hope the Seven S’s that we arrange, will attract what they symbolise,
and materialise some dream or change, to relight the fire behind our eyes.

And to every person both afar and near, who tries to dream, aid or amuse:
I hope you will have a blessed year, and a most wonderful norooz!




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