Limbo of Opportunities

8072803358_8b5b0bde8f_bWinds of war are blowing all around us, spreading tragedy, fear and anxiety. At the moment we are in the eye of the storm, centred in a relatively calm region surrounded by a howling hurricane, albeit with our own problems. Inflation…unemployment…and that constant nagging feeling that we have to take the greatest of steps to reach the smallest of dreams.

The fact that it now is highly unlikely that those of us who were aspiring to study in America will be able to do so adds yet another burden on our already heavy shoulders. We have been left in limbo, an incredibly uncertain state of uncertainty of neither knowing what will happen or what to do. And in times like these, the storms soaring around us drown the silent sound of hope within us, and steer our thoughts and actions in unplanned and perhaps even unwanted directions.

But we need not worry. It does not have to affect us more than we allow it to affect us. It is definitely and justifiably frustrating for those were in the middle of their preparations to leave and those who recently have left, but that will pass and more opportunities will come.

It is beyond doubt utterly unfair, upsetting, hurtful and insulting that we are being looked at and treated this way. Fekr mikonam be hamamoon bar mikhore. But we should not forget that there also are millions of people all around the world who, as we speak, are standing up for us, our rights and our future. We are not alone.

Regardless of what doors the future is willing to open for us, I feel that everyone should keep doing what they’re doing. Focusing on our studies and learning English, improving as people and keeping that lonely sparkle of hope alive. Trying to find the silver lining in all this turmoil is far better than to be dispirited and feeling sorry for ourselves. Because, as a Chinese proverb says, “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”, and it is the candle that we choose to light that determines what paths we see in the darkness and, eventually, the paths we take.




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