Men, walls, and women 1/2

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-01-19-06In our society, there is an impenetrable wall between men and women. Climbing it to reach the other side is not an option, because others will be watching. Talking. Judging. Meddling. Intervening. Punishing. And so, for many, the only way to reach the other side is by digging a hole underneath the wall and to live in a way in which the “khak”, unfortunately, literally will lie “roo sareshoon”.

In some cases, this relates to unfaithfulness. In others, temporary marriages. In the perhaps most common, it manifests itself in unhealthy casual relationships, and in the very worst – prostitution.

There is a complete network of factors contributing to all of this, which I won’t even try to go into now, and the very last thing I would want to do is to judge those who have been forced to do whatever they have had to do, or become what they have had to become. Because we all know someone who has dug themselves a pit. We might even be one of these people ourselves. So the only question that I will bother to ask is: What can we do to help each other up?




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