DNA of Grade “A” & Being Preoccupied with Occupation

There must be something special in our genes, because no matter where one would turn one’s head in the world, one would bump into a successful and/or gifted Iranian. And it truly is a wonderful thing that so many of us are so ambitious and talented, even if our opportunities for growth and prosperity now, in some ways, are rather slim.

But is it a good thing that we tell other people what degrees or jobs we have, even if they haven’t asked us, or even if it’s irrelevant in the context? Is it good – or even healthy – that we (as opposed to people from most other countries)  always tend to mention our degrees and professional skills in our profile descriptions on social networks such as instagram and skype?

Whatever our education might be, it does not define who we are. Neither does it determine our self-worth, or make any of us any more special than anyone else. There lies a whole lot of work behind our degrees, for sure, and it is natural that we need some kind of appreciation and praise for what we have accomplished, but titles, degrees and occupations are, at most, nothing but superficial.

Because, in the end, it is not only what we can do with our education that matters, but also what our education does to us.




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