Pride and Shame

3729404546_08c33793de_bRegardless of what kind of issues we have faced in our lives, we are all proud of being Iranian. Proud of our heritage, history and our culture. Some might even be proud of not being Arab, and a few even proud of being proud.

But then, when we look away from all this, it all suddenly shifts: We give Europeans and Americans more respect than we give each other, and we start trusting them quicker than we start to trust other Iranians – even though we are not even familiar with their culture. Always giving them the benefit of the doubt, and putting their words and actions on a pedestal in a way that we never do with each other; treating cats as if they were lions, but not trusting our own pack.

We promote any kind of connection that we have to these places or people. If we have been speaking to an American, we will make sure that people know about it, because we seem to believe that there lies respect in labels such as “American” and “European”, even if that particular piece of information is completely irrelevant to the conversation.

Whilst it is understandable that we are curious and fascinated by other, foreign cultures, and beautiful that we show them respect, it is almost as if the respect is based on kambood, which makes it a bit, hmm, sad. People from other countries are definitely fascinated by our country and culture as well, but they do not allow their fascination and admiration make them forget who they are.

How can we be so proud of being Iranian, and yet respect each other less than we respect others?  There is no pride in doing that, neither in the eyes of all the khareji we respect, nor in the eyes of future generations of Iranians.




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