The Last to Leave

lamppost-422027_960_720Trees can fall over, and their roots can rot. Oceans can dry out and animals can become extinct. People can run amok and flee, and bridges can break. But no matter what dies, and no matter what decides to leave, there is always this persistent and loyal phenomenon that stays long after the lights have gone out, and who might that be, if not Hope itself?

It might seem a bit simplistic (or annoying even) that I keep bringing up hope as if that is enough to fix all our dilemmas, but I feel that everything is based on hope, including our well-being, our attitude to the problems we face, and our ability to deal with them. And we need to actively listen to it in order to not live in fear, because hope and fear cannot co-exist.

The scenario in the introduction might seem more dark than it seems optimistic, seeing as how everything in that scene is gone except Hope. But if we look at it a bit closer, I think all of us would prefer to remain with Hope, rather than to be one of the drops in ocean that has evaporated or one of the ones who has given up and left. Indeed, there lies great strength in persistence and in not allowing one’s will to bend after circumstances or what other people are doing; and one would do well to remember that it is only when all of us have left that hope entirely will be gone, because Hope is always the very last to leave.




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