Giving Europe a permanent visa

Europe is filled with things that we associate with freedom, modernism, liberty, prosperity, and high standards of living – things we all admire, desire, long for, respect, or in some way are drawn to.

But it also embraces ideals of same-sex relationships, racial equality, and respecting others’ life choices even if they go against our own values – things that many of us ignore, disown, neglect, dismiss, or in some way devalue in importance.

Wanting to move to a country whose ideals one refuses to share is the same as becoming a burden for the people who live there, and it tarnishes the image of the ideals that the country in question is trying to uphold.

But those who not only embrace the ideals that personally benefit them, but also embrace all others – why not help in bringing Europe to our own country by improving some of the things we believe in and do?




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