Early Departures, and too Late for Regrets

Many of my previous posts have been addressed to those who are considering leaving our country, when, in fact, those who instead choose to leave the world require much more attention. And so, my thoughts do tonight go out to all those in Iran who have said farewell to us before their journey even started, and to all those who even now, as we speak, are considering doing the same. I wish there was something I could do to give all of them the slice of heaven they sacrifice themselves to reach.

I will not for a second pretend that I know what anyone is going through. I just wish that things were different. That we constantly gave each other emotional support and validated each other so that no one ever would feel that hopeless, helpless or alone.

Someone once said that “with great knowledge comes great responsibility”. But since we never truly know what another person is feeling, we need to act just as responsibly when we interact with them as if we actually possessed that knowledge, because there is no telling what our words and actions (or absence of them) can lead to. The consequence of not caring  (even if it is understandable that we are preoccupied with our own issues) can in the worst of cases lead to the loss that none of us ever wants to experience.

I write this in the hope that Iranian blood never again will be spilt by someone’s own free will. Because (quoting a poem from the 1850s):

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: it might have been.




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