The Greatest of Great Days

If there is one person that Iranians unanimously have agreed upon liking – regardless of opinions or stances in other matters – it is Cyrus the Great. Today, he is being celebrated by Iranians all over the world, and the respect and admiration that unites millions both within Iran and abroad is indescribably admirable itself. And it makes me wonder how things would … More The Greatest of Great Days

Iranian or Persian?

Something that most Iranians who live abroad have realised is that a lot of people from Western countries tend to be more accepting of us when we say that we are Persian, rather than Iranian, associating it to Persian carpets, Persian cats and Persian food (bah bah) rather than, well, other things. Maybe it doesn’t really … More Iranian or Persian?

Redefining one’s identity in a collectivistic culture

In my very first post I talked about the “I” in Iran, about the loneliness we face despite the fact that there are so many of us. I now wish to revisit the idea of the “I”, but from an entirely different perspective. We work as a family, as a community and as a nation, promoting them … More Redefining one’s identity in a collectivistic culture