Revisiting Mr. Omid

24645547_71b89e6d81_zFear, distress and anger can often get the best of us. And even though he’s pure and strong in every possible way, Mr. Omid is now in the same predicament. Ill and in terrible pain, he’s dying because of our neglect and fear. It hurts him to know that there are Iranians out there who feel sorry for themselves for being Iranian. And the fact that some, in the midst of their frustration, want an epidemic or war to break out so that they can be free from the fear and troubles that are hovering over them, is completely tearing him apart.

To the rest of the world, we’re known to be very hospitable people. We offer our guests the very best and strive to make them feel comfortable in our homes, in the hope that they’ll feel welcomed and cared for. Suffice to say, we give them more than we have, without expecting anything in return.

Why don’t we just as openly – and selflessly – invite Omid into our lives more often?




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