Our fall into the dark pit of alcohol


It is almost as if all those young Iranians out there who associate alcohol with being free and happy already are drunk, because why else would they think that way?

For a lot of people, alcohol is merely an escape from their lives, which is unfortunate, but yet  understandable. Those who should be pitied though, are the ones who drink just because they think that they need it.

Do the majority of young Iranians drink because they’re too shy to walk up to people and talk to them? Na, etemad be nafsemoon az hame too tamame donya bishtare.  Do the majority of young Iranians drink because it tastes good? Na, etevaghan ba doogh va chaei bishtar keyf mikonim. Do the majority of young Iranians drink because they lack the confidence to dance? Na, faghat lazem hast kasi yek ahang bezare ke shoro bekonim khodemoon tekoon bedim.

Why, then? It it just because it isn’t allowed? Is it because of what we see on TV and on the internet? People drinking in movies, relatives being tagged in pictures at parties, with broad smiles on their faces? Do we just associate the apparent happiness in those pictures and films with the alcohol in them, just because it’s something that we don’t have ourselves?

We shouldn’t let these things both fool and inspire us. We have each other. We have a rich culture, rich personalities and rich lives that don’t require alcohol. We don’t need it to make friends, to dance, or in order to be happy. We don’t need to look at what people in other parts of the world are doing, or imitate them in the hope that we’ll feel the same way that we merely assume they’re feeling. And besides, it’s not like they’re looking at us with that kind of respect and awe too, even though we have more that’s admirable and inspiring than they do.

Instead of looking at and imitating those who in some ways might seem more fortunate than us but who in reality in many ways also are unhappier and poorer, we should put our glasses down and take a long look at ourselves, and figure out why we aren’t embracing the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. We might not be alcoholics, but we still need to admit that we have a problem.






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