From Iran, we run

Not just literally. And not just in our imagination. But also in another way, by abandoning the values on which our country was founded. And if it continues like this, Iran is very likely to diminish completely – even though it is (and probably always will be) the 18th largest country in the world.

Those who now choose to leave, leave to countries where they live amongst people who either look down on us or feel sorry for us. And a few of all those who choose to stay try their best to stand above those who in more ways than anybody else are equal to them. But arguably, both groups have departed from the path of being a true Iranian just as much.

It’s understandable though. No matter how we run, we run because we feel that we’ve run out of options. And that’s why we can sympathise with those who steal or fiddle, and why we feel sorry for those who succumb to harlotry or drugs. And maybe also the reason why we don’t try to change all these people around us.

Pillars of true Iranian values are being torn down everywhere. And all those who run away from them, take with them a small but significant part of Iran from the crumbling pillars. And those of us who don’t run, well, we do just as much by just watching.




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