Revisiting Mr. Omid

Fear, distress and anger can often get the best of us. And even though he’s pure and strong in every possible way, Mr. Omid is now in the same predicament. Ill and in terrible pain, he’s dying because of our neglect and fear. It hurts him to know that there are Iranians out there who feel … More Revisiting Mr. Omid

Our fall into the dark pit of alcohol

It is almost as if all those young Iranians out there who associate alcohol with being free and happy already are drunk, because why else would they think that way? For a lot of people, alcohol is merely an escape from their lives, which is unfortunate, but yet  understandable. Those who should be pitied though, are the ones who drink just because … More Our fall into the dark pit of alcohol

Small promises and great expectations

Hatman, I promise to do it tomorrow. Roo cheshmam, I will let you know in an hour. Bashe dadash, I’ll see you then. These are examples of casual promises we make or hear everyday. And the fact that they’re left unkept doesn’t bother us, because we probably do the same thing ourselves. It would, for example, be okay to not let your … More Small promises and great expectations

From Iran, we run

Not just literally. And not just in our imagination. But also in another way, by abandoning the values on which our country was founded. And if it continues like this, Iran is very likely to diminish completely – even though it is (and probably always will be) the 18th largest country in the world. Those who now choose … More From Iran, we run