Being great enough to not see anyone as small

Breaking our habits of thinking, and questioning the beliefs we have that don’t harmonise with who we really are is, to say the least, a great challenge and one that we all should take.

Respecting and having compassion for certain minorities seems to be a great (and greatly unnecessary) issue in our country. So instead of rambling on as I usually do,  I’ll try to keep this blog post concise.

No one has the right to deem the worth (or lack of it) of another human being based on their gender, sexual preference or ethnicity. And those who do certainly don’t have the right to complain about others not respecting and caring for them. This should be obvious, but if not, at least deemed reasonable.

We should all strive to remove hate from our hearts and help others to see people as, well, people, and only use labels for the purpose of understanding and connecting with them – not to judge, condemn or hate them. We can’t unite as a country if we have hate amongst ourselves. And even if we don’t actually act on the hate it still shapes us to who we are.

We have the worth we deem others to have; so the bottom line is, who do you want to be?

If you want to be a free man, release yourself from these chaining thoughts and be great enough to not see anyone as small, and to challenge all those you know who do.




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