Hopes Я Us


Ah, Hopes Я Us – the one company of which we all have part ownership in Iran. Don’t mind the grammatically incorrect company name, because it’s right in so many other ways. And don’t mind that you’ve neither seen nor been to its headquarters, because it is, to say the least, pretty darn discrete. And the fact that other countries aren’t investing in it, well, don’t mind that either, because the company stands just fine on its own feet. The only way it can go bankrupt is if we ourselves stop investing in it.

The way we choose to see things very often determines the meaning of what we see. So since a lot of things are against us at the moment and all of us in one way or another are feeling defeated, let us stop being like toys of our surroundings and instead choose to see them as opportunities to actively invest in this non-profit company until any place we set foot in will feel like the headquarters of hope.

Hope exists with your existence. It cannot survive without you, so don’t give up on it! And remember to daily invest in hope, no matter how bad the market looks.




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