Rugs before Drugs

To all those clever and bright men out there who’re saying no to themselves but yes to drugs, please reconsider. You are our future. We know that everyone else does it, but you don’t have to. We know that you’re strong enough to handle it, but use your strength in other ways. We know you think it makes you feel better, but you’re better off without it. It’s hurting you in more ways than you are aware of.

And it’s hurting us too.

I feel you, you’re constantly under pressure and you’re doing what you can to endure the heavy cloud of problems that constantly seems to be raining over you. But to a lot of the people around you, you are a problem yourselves, a group of people they feel sorry for and bitterly wish that they could help.

Don’t live your lives in a way that makes your countrymen feel sorry for you. You’re far too bright, clever and wonderful to have anyone in the world feel sorry for you. You are the true Nirvana of Iran. Share that with us.

And save your dough to buy some awesome Persian rugs instead. Or embrace that special Persian rug on your chest that most men in the world can only dream of having. Put #rugsbeforedrugs, and sweep the past under the carpet.





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