Recasting our gender roles


We call ourselves the man of the house, yet we don’t take care of it. Most of us don’t even know how to cook and even those who are able to cook up a palatable meal or two understandably feel that they don’t have to since there are women around them who willingly will cook for them, be it their mothers, their sisters or their wives. And for many of us this is not a problem. Not our problem anyway. But what is it like for the women? Aren’t you fed up with constantly having to feed the men in your life? Don’t you feel washed out from having to wash their clothes and dishes?

For the sake of their own maturity and development, please help them become more independent or at least give them the tools for it – even if they’re not planning on using them. If they would bother to introspect and look deep down into the very core of their souls, I’m sure that they’d discover that they actually feel embarrassed about not being able to e.g. cook their own meals, and maybe, by accepting and changing that, they would be less prone to compensate for their shortcomings elsewhere.

And guys, even if you don’t care about your own personal growth and independence, don’t you feel any guilt for causing so much stress for the women you love? I know that you pay them back, sometimes in the most beautiful ways, but how do you give them their energy back? Or their time?

Cook them your own versions of mirza ghasemi or ghormeh sabzi from time to time, va bezar keyf konan. If you’re man enough, do what few other men are doing and break free from the gender roles that have been given to us. Make sure that when you call your spouse hamsar, you are actually treating her as your equal partner.




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