The “I” in Iran

There are 85 million Iranians spread across the globe. And yet, all of us are alone.

With eyes fixed on all that’s grim except the darkness that lies within, with endearing words creating a longer distance than what they pass through and with demands exceeding what is willingly given, Iranians all around the world unconsciously, but undeniably, rise and unite in contributing to our own downfall.

As youngsters we learn to view the world through glasses of fear and mistrust, yet we grow up with the sole desire of emigrating to the countries we once condemned in our chants. As adults we’re comforted by that flickering light inside us that tells us there’s hope for improvement, yet we dismiss it, knowingly claiming that it’s no match for the vast darkness surrounding us and that hope, whilst still existing in our own hearts, long since has left the soil we walk on. And as elders – either abroad where hope once was believed to reside, or within Iran where we’ve learnt to come to terms with our griefs – we finally condemn our past and country as we pass on that dying torch to the next generation, to change all that we couldn’t – with less at hand than we had ourselves.

I write this not out of spite but rather love for my country and its people, and also with a sense of desperation. Changing the course of the future – regardless if it is our own or society’s – very often requires that we change ourselves, which understandingly is both unfair and can feel unnecessarily difficult. But if we won’t, that fighting torch will, for sure, soon die out.

So instead of focusing on the “I” in Iran solely for our own benefit, let our eyes focus on it for the sake of those who need us. Instead of leaving to where hope is more likely to reside, let us plant the seeds of hope in those around us until it flowers and its scent finds its way back to us.

In my heart, I know that Iranians carry more love and pride for their fellows than most people in other cultures do, and I long for the day when that will reflected in our society. Each and everyone of you are one in a million. Unite in that, and there’ll be no need to feel alone.




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