Why bother?

Years ago, I came across a dispiriting, yet oddly profound proverb going something along the lines of: No good deed ever goes unpunished. And these six words have stuck with me ever since. After every attempt to help someone that has come back and bit me in the buttocks it’s there to remind me that … More Why bother?

United as Outsiders

In the most befuddling and bewildering ways, I have since childhood felt like an outsider. Never truly feeling that I fit in – not even when I did; often feeling as if I belonged to a yet-to-be classified third culture and that my feelings of alienation were rooted in my idealistic and perhaps even anomalous personality. But I have long … More United as Outsiders

The Gold in our Kitchens

Now as the norooz celebrations are reaching their end and reality has begun to catch up with us, some of us might already dread all that awaits us, be it work, stress, or simply having to go back to make (seemingly) fruitless endeavours. And naturally, as we continue to sail on the rocky lake of life, we all wish to somehow extend whatever moment of … More The Gold in our Kitchens

New Year Greetings

Now as the big day is getting near, and the bells of tomorrow are about to ring, the tingling sensation of hope’s presence here declares that winter soon will transform into spring. For weeks we chant and celebrate, in every way a person can and should: We give, receive and reciprocate – and occasionally knock on wood. … More New Year Greetings